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        hilaFilms is a father-daughter team. Tom, the dad, is a documentary filmmaker and former journalist. His daughter, Ihila, a graduate of the film school at the University of Southern California, works at a commercial editing house in Los Angeles. Tom oversees shooting on the wedding day, and Ihila overseas post-production.

We avoid wedding clichés, excessive use of slow motion and editing gimmicks; rather, we rely on our professional filmmaking skills to capture genuine moments of love and celebration. Our approach is unobtrusive and intuitive. 

We interview the bride, groom, family members and friends. The result is not just a recording of the day, but a film with unexpected emotions, images, and voices. 




Let us tailor our skills to your needs.  We produce highlight films and longer versions that capture the entire ceremony and reception, from intimate to festive. We are honored to help preserve the love that comes from celebrating life's most joyous moments.  

Standard Package: $2,800

We provide two digital films, a cinematic highlight film with drone footage set to your favorite music and a full-length

version that includes footage and audio from the entire wedding ceremony and all the key events at the reception.



"The drone footage was a wonderful addition. This team is clearly passionate about their work. They did a great job of capturing the important moments without being intrusive."

- Sabrina B

"We had very high expectations (and admittedly may have been a bit demanding), but Tom rose to the occasion with grace and they produced the most amazing video. He captured every moment so eloquently and the film is by far our most prized possession from the best day of our lives."

- Kyla J

"We appreciate everything Tom and Roger did, even hustling to get the drone up between raindrops to capture special drone photos!" 

- Rebecca B

The video is literally my favorite thing from our wedding! Also, I barely even saw them! They somehow filmed every moment beautifully but wore all black and kept themselves hidden so they weren’t the focal point.

- Stephanie L

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